Ancient Chinese knife, legend of the cold weapon era

In the cold weapon, there is a kind of Ivy, because this weapon has been used since it was used. It took three million years, and other weapons have been eliminated. It is used now. As long as human beings exist, it will not Will be eliminated. What is this cold weapon? Knife!

Initial knife

The knife method ranks first among the 18 weapons in China, probably because the qualification of the knife is relatively old. The knife is almost accompanied by people, and since humans know how to use tools, the knife has appeared. The history of mankind is about three million years, and the knife has been used for three million years. The earliest knives should be natural shells. The edges of the large shells are sharp and can cut grass, vines and other plants. After humans learned to make tools, stone knives appeared.

Knife used in ancient Chinese battlefield

In the stone stone generation, the knife used by humans was a stone knife. During this period, the knife was divided into a knife for production and a knife for combat. The weapon was the product of war, and the knife became the first weapon. After humans learned to metallurgy, stone knives were gradually replaced by bronze knives, iron knives, and steel knives. The style of the knife is also constantly evolving and changing. The Han dynasty, the knives are mostly the first knives, and the Tang dynasty changed the style to form four kinds of sabers: the barrier knife, the knife, the cross knife, and the knives. The first three are short handle knives and the latter are long handle knives.

The Song Dynasty carried out a bold reform of the knife, called “knife eight colors”, that is, the knife has eight styles, namely: hand knife, knife, knife, moon mask, sickle, eyebrow knife, phoenix knife, pen Knife. The hand knife is a short handle knife, and the rest are long handle knives.

Long handle knife used in ancient Chinese battlefield

After the Ming Dynasty, there were more types of knives, such as the three-pointed two-blade knife, the green camp knives, the green camp hurricane knife, the anti-war knife and so on. As time went by, the war completely entered the era of firearms, and the cold weapons were gradually eliminated. Seventeen weapons, such as guns, swords, and scorpions, entered the battlefield from the battlefield and became instruments for practicing the family. They were no longer called weapons, but only The knife has never been eliminated, but the style has become more and more sophisticated. Nowadays, the knives equipped in the military of various countries are mostly dagger-type, mainly used for survival in the wild, self-defense and night ambush sentry. Because the knife is a must for human survival, it will not be eliminated as long as human beings exist.